Antidepressants Make You More Depressed

New research has uncovered the fact that the best case scenario if you’re on antidepressants is that they will have no effect at all but that mostly, they’ll simply make you more depressed.

Apparently, 50% of people on antidepressants have ‘treatment resistant depression’ (TRD) which means the drugs do not help their condition. Meanwhile, a smaller group develop ‘chronic depressive syndrome’ as a direct consequence of taking an antidepressant.

This worsening depression caused by the drugs has been labelled by the researchers from Louisville School of Medicine as ‘Tardive Dysphoria’, mirroring the similarly named ‘Tardive Dyskinesia’ a condition caused by antipsychotic drugs.

The definition of Tardive Dysphoria is ‘an active process in which a depressive picture is caused by continued administration of the antidepressant’

(Source: Medical Hypotheses, 2011; 76: 769-73 and


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