More Positive Research for Homeopathy

A community NHS homeopathy clinic in Dorchester, Dorset carried out an outcome series of 183 of its new patients over a 5 year period.

There was a mixture of patients with a wide variety of conditions, the largest group being depression, grief and anxiety. A total of 44% had been unwell for over 5 years and 19% for more than 15 years. Each patient filled in a questionnaire 6 months after their initial consultation.

75-81% reported an improvement in their symptoms and activity after their follow up appointment whilst 58% also recorded an improvement in their overall wellbeing.

6 months after the initial treatment, 84.7% (155 patients) felt a definite improvement in their condition with 81% attributing this to homeopathy.

No-one reported any deterioration or side effects from homeopathic treatment and drug use was reduced in 25%.



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