Government in Thailand uses Homeopathy to Successfully Protect Against Dengue Fever


The Public Health Ministry of the Sing Buri district of Thailand are considering using homeopathy to protect against Dengue Fever after a trial which showed that it can boost the immune system to prevent the disease.

In the trial, during 2012 to 2013, school children were given the homeopathic remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum as a preventative and Sing Buri reported the lowest incidence of Dengue Fever during its most recent epidemic in 2013.

According to an Inspector General at the health ministry, homeopathy is safe and low cost and has been used in various countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, Australia, India and Malaysia.

Pilot studies have now been planned for several other districts in Thailand and if they are as successful, the government will consider implementing the programme of homeopathic prevention across the entire country.

This is not the first time that homeopathy has been successfully used to control major disease epidemics. Amongst others, one of the most recent was the prevention of the Leptospirosis virus during an outbreak in Cuba where millions of citizens were protected and the rate of infection was dramatically reduced.



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