YOU and Homeopathy

People often ask me what my experience is in treating certain conditions. My response is that I never look at a person in terms of a ‘condition’.

As a homeopath, I treat the person. I look at who they are, and what sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions they are experiencing. I also look at what triggers may have caused their particular symptoms, the energy of these symptoms and also of the individual themselves.

That’s what I love about homeopathy. It doesn’t pigeon hole or categorize someone, or hang all their symptoms on one hook and give them a name to be treated in a universal way.

Homeopathy respects the fact that everyone is different. Regardless of the fact that conventional medicine may have classed them as having the same ‘condition’, no two people would necessarily have the same homeopathic prescription.

Whilst orthodox medicine does have it’s place and its success stories, in my experience and those of fellow homeopaths, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is why many people suffering from various chronic diseases turn to homeopathy. They have been down the conventional route which has not cured or improved their ‘condition’ and in many cases has left them feeling worse due to drug side effects.

There is much evidence to support the fact that in cases such as these, homeopathy can and has often turned their symptoms around, improving their ‘condition’ considerably, bringing positive changes to their health.

So, whether you have failed to respond to orthodox medicine, have experienced side effects from drugs or are suffering from symptoms, the cause of which cannot be found by conventional testing, then homeopathy may be a viable option for you.

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