Drug Side Effects 1600 – Homeopathy None


I was reading an article today that stated side effects from prescription drugs are one of the major reasons why people are rushed to hospital.

In fact, up to a million Britons are hospitalised by prescription medicines every year (and that’s just the recorded cases).

Two Biologists at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona are looking into drug side effects and have so far noted 1600 of them.

Some drugs cause side effects that are not even listed. Among symptoms suffered are yellow vision, involuntary body movements, respiratory paralysis and Buccoglossal Syndrome a condition where the body twitches.

Apparently, the researchers have produced a biological and chemical ‘signature’ to each of the side effects in the hope that doctors may be more discerning and pharmaceutical companies produce safer alternatives.

Perhaps they should just consider homeopathy. Non toxic, non addictive, safe to use for babies, children and during pregnancy … and in over 200 years not one single remedy has ever been recalled – unlike pharmaceutical medicines.

(Source: Chemistry & Biology, 2013; 20: 594)

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