Your Child and Homeopathy


Homeopathy can be a wonderful tool when it comes to treating acute illness in your child. In fact, many parents have come to rely on and become very adept at nursing their children through a wide range of common childhood illnesses at home with homeopathy.

Chronic conditions, be they recurring bouts of illness or deep seated mental and emotional issues also have the potential to be successfully treated with homeopathy. Babies and children can respond to it particularly well as they tend to be less marred by chemicals and life’s traumas than we are as adults. Whatever these illnesses might be, they are generally harder to shift than acute ones, so need to be treated by a fully qualified homeopath who can use their experience, care and objectivity to full effect.

Babies and children are often a large part of a homeopath’s practice. Many of us see a wide range of chronic complaints from recurring ear, nose and throat infections, digestive disorders, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and mental/emotional issues such as difficulty concentrating at school, anxiety, insecurity, night terrors and sleep issues, severe temper tantrums and trouble adjusting to new situations such as a new sibling or changing schools.

The list goes on but many parents find homeopathy an extremely beneficial form of healthcare for their family, whether solely or in conjunction with conventional medicine. Some turn to homeopathy when traditional medicine has been unsuccessful or simply due to the fact that it is natural, non toxic and safe with no side effects – perfect for newborns and the very young.

Not only can homeopathy aid directly with illness, it can also help more in the long term by strengthening the immune system, helping to prevent disease as well as giving emotional support through difficult stages in life.

One of the major things that sets homeopathy apart from conventional medicine is a focus on the individual person rather than the disease itself. Whether young or old, they may have been diagnosed with the same condition or be struggling with a very similar set of circumstances but no two peoples’ coping mechanism or experience will be the same and therefore their homeopathic prescription will also differ.

A homeopath will focus on what makes your child different and their uniqueness is the key to the best course of treatment for them, individually. The current disease is an imbalance, an expression of a deeper trigger and the aim is to get to the root cause of the illness,  correcting this in order to prevent a recurrence of the symptoms. This is one of the many reasons why homeopathy can be highly effective when it comes to breaking patterns or cycles of illness.

N.B. It is advisable to maintain contact with your GP throughout homeopathic treatment and always seek the appropriate medical help in an emergency.

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